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FAIRFAX (California) was founded in 1977. Though these heritage design & manufacturing skills retain their historic lines, they now incorporate new millennium features. With a whole team of designers from California, FAIRFAX is created & designs based on California lifestyle culture, with the same production technology & material in high quality, light weight, functional & authentic style, FAIRFAX brand is always for trendy fashionista for matching their daily wear and function that compatible with daily use.

FAIRFAX ‘s philosophy is keeping the attitude of “SKY HIGH QUALITY WITH DOWN TO EARTH PRICE”, alongside with California lifestyle culture: Diversity, Adventures, Outdoor & individualism.

More than that, FAIRFAX brand was created to salute to the coolest retailers & mix culture neighborhood on earth – Fairfax Avenue, California.

Definition: FAIRFAX is one of the most famous shopping area these days without mentioning the skating and streetwear culture that has become so prominent in the neighborhood

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