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Closet Hong Kong is the Trade Mark Owner & Distributor of Dusty Watchez & Jewelz.​

Dusty was established in 1997 with a small collection of T.shrit has now grown into a fullrange of "semi-casual” fashion brand for men and women. Drawing inspiration from both the high end and subculture of the fashion spectrum, Dusty has always stood for providing quality products, creating taste and inviting people to take part in our dream.


In every stylish and contemporary-designed Dusty products, one can easily find creativity and attention to detail. We combine all aspects of our attitude towards the direction of our motto “Rebel Without A Pause”.
Dusty於1997年創立,最初由生產一小系列的T恤發展至現在全線的Casual Fashion男女裝時尚品牌. 結合高質及次文化時裝因素, Dusty只提供有質素之產品,創做時尚品味及邀請所有人一起完成此夢想. 

於每個Dusty的產品上,好容易會發現我們對製品的細節創造性和堅持,亦結合我們的生活態度及觀點演變成品牌的方向 - Rebel Without A Pause.

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